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Nazarene Youth International

The New Paltz Nazarene Youth International (NYI) is a conglomerate of teenagers and young adults who are searching for fellowship and to worship among their peers. We affirm the three tenets of NYI for the Church of the Nazarene (Evangelism, Discipleship, and Leadership), teaching members to BE God's light in the dark, DOing the hard work of following Christ Jesus, and GOing into their communities to spread the good news. We are an affiliate of the Metro NY District.
    Who joins NYI?
  • Strengthened and unified through the Spirit, NYI comprises brothers and sisters in Christ meeting and working to spread Christ's word and teachings to today's youth.
    How many groups do you have?
  • NYI currently has two groups at the New Paltz Church: one for high school (HS) and one for young adults (YA). HS is open to anyone 14-18 enrolled in a local high school, and YA welcomes people 18-24.
    How often do you meet?
  • Each group meets bi-monthly at the New Paltz Church of the Nazarene fellowship hall for age-specific bible studies as well as sporadically throughout the month at different venues for social gatherings.
    How do I join NYI?
  • You can join by contacting our Church at (845) 633-8127 or reaching out to our NYI President.
NYI President Devan T. Bugbee