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Helping Others

The strength of a church is not measured on Sunday, but by the impact it makes as the “body of Christ”. Taking our example from Jesus himself, we desire to help real people with real needs through opportunities close to home and around the world.  By doing so, we help others tangibly experience the love of Christ. Get involved in making a difference here and now; and for eternity. Walk with us in Christ’s footsteps in Kingdom service!

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help

Children’s Ministries – If you love children and would enjoy assisting with a class, helping with a fun event (such as VBS), coordinating an activity, sharing your musical ability, etc., our kids are the best!

Greeters/Ushers - For those who enjoy meeting and greeting people, your gift can be put to use on Sunday mornings by welcoming and assisting guests, fellow members and attendees. Also, you can assist in the sanctuary, before and during worship, as needed.  A first impression means everything; a smile and a handshake (or hug) can make someone's day. Greeters and ushers help make new visitors feel welcomed and assist with answering their questions. This is an essential ministry.

Teens – If you are interested in working with the pastor to develop and build a vital youth program, this ministry is for you!

Note card ministry to encourage others.  Even a few minutes a week can make a difference in the lives of people going through tough times, loneliness, bereavement, etc. (Sharing in their joys is a bonus!)

Nursing Home Ministry – If you have a heart for visiting some of our older members and friends we invite you to be a part of our ministry to local nursing homes.  If you can smile, give hugs, and shake hands, you can make a difference for Jesus.  If you play an instrument, sing, or have time to read to someone you will be both a blessing and blessed!

Other Opportunities arise throughout the year – such as supporting the Pregnancy Crisis Support Center, Family of New Paltz, etc.

If you are interested in giving your time for a great cause, please email us or call the church office at (845) 633-8127